GMA Segment Explains the Difference between Cognitive Aging and Dementia

Valerie PatmintraNews

After Mark and Donnie Wahlberg announced the death of their mother, Alma, who suffered from dementia, experts are working to help people with aging parents spot early signs of the disease. In this Good Morning America segment, MBRF Trustee and neurologist, Dr. Richard Isaacson explains the difference between cognitive aging and dementia.

“While cognitive aging is often characterized by a word being on the tip of your tongue, dementia is when you forget something and don’t remember it.”

Dr. Richard Isaacson, MBRF Trustee

Dr. Isaacson recommends the following non-pharmacological interventions to help those caring for a loved one with dementia:

  • Caregiver Support;
  • Education; and
  • Caring for your loved one’s general medical problems by monitoring and being on the look out for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Watch the GMA segment here.

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