Celebrate Healthy Aging Month All Year Round

We celebrated Healthy Aging Month by offering tips and encouraging you to take action to put your brain health first in September - and all throughout the year.
Older adult and child stretching together

From exercising and eating healthy foods to staying up on recommended health screenings, there are so many simple steps you can take to promote healthy aging and good brain health.

Maintaining brain health is essential to preserving your ability to think clearly, live independently and engage in the activities you enjoy most as you age. Growing evidence shows that key lifestyle changes can help you maintain your cognitive health and achieve maximum benefits for both your brain and body.

Whether you joined us in September or will put these tips to use now, anytime of year is the perfect time to adopt a healthy lifestyle and protect your brain health.

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    Keeping Your Brain Healthy

    It's a fact, your brain ages just like the rest of your body. But, growing evidence shows there are lifestyle changes you can make to maintain your cognitive and brain health later in life. Read our new Keeping Your Brain Healthy brochure and start making changes to keep your brain healthy today.
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