McKnight Brain Research Foundation Hosts Tenth Poster Reception

Valerie PatmintraPress Release

MBRF Annual Poster Winners

The Tenth Annual McKnight Brain Research Foundation (MBRF) Poster Reception was held in San Diego, California, on November 4, 2018.  Guests from across the nation attended the event.  Seventy-eight posters were presented by scientists from the four McKnight Brain Institutes (MBI) for review by the judges. 

Six posters were selected to receive cash awards and certificates for display.  First place went to Abbi Hernandez from the University of Florida, second place winner was Yuliya Voskobiynyk from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and third place went to Aarti Mishra from the University of Arizona.  Honorable mention awards were made to Jolie Barter from the University of Florida, and Stephanie Koebele and Daniel Gray both from the University of Arizona.

The McKnight Brain Research Foundation poster reception is an annual event held each year in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.  Research scientists from the four McKnight Brain Institutes located at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of Arizona, the University of Florida and the University of Miami are invited to submit posters featuring their research in cognitive aging and memory loss associated with the aging process.  The award winners are selected by a panel of prominent research scientists who are not affiliated with the MBRF or any of the MBIs. The MBRF was founded in 1999 for the purpose of promoting research and investigation of the brain that underlie the neurobiology of memory with clinical relevance to the problems of cognitive decline and age-related memory loss.

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