McKnight Brain Research Foundation Trustees Featured in Inside Philanthropy White Paper on Giving for Neuroscience

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Inside Philanthropy recently published a whitepaper on giving for neuroscience research featuring insights from McKnight Brain Research Foundation Vice Chair, Madhav Thambisetty, MD, PhD and Chair Emeritus, J. Lee Dockery, MD. 

The whitepaper provides an in-depth analysis of the long term factors and trends affecting neuroscience research funders and fundraisers. In quotes throughout the whitepaper, Dr. Dockery and Dr. Thambisetty highlighted the importance of funding research to better understand the natural aging process, especially as people are living longer.

Noting that many individuals gravitate toward funding diseases to which they have a personal connection, Dr. Dockery explained:

“So many of the opportunities for [neurological] diseases are funded by benefactors who’ve had a relative or someone that they know that has been a victim of that disease, so they support that cause, and it’s justified that they do so.” 

J. Lee Dockery, MD, MBRF Chair Emeritus

With comments and quotes featured in the “Biology of Aging and Cognitive Decline” and “Translational or Preclinical Research” sections of the whitepaper, Dr. Thambisetty offered several insights and perspectives on the opportunities and challenges associated with the field of aging research.  Underscoring the need for basic research to better understand the brain and help people maintain their cognition later in life, Dr. Thambisetty noted:

 “Understanding how the human brain works is really one of the last frontiers in science and [we want] to be able to understand it in a meaningful way to try and leverage that knowledge into tangible benefits for people and keeping them active cognitively.”

Madhav Thambisetty, MD, MBRF Vice Chair

The whitepaper investigates the current funding landscape for the field of aging research and neuroscience, noting top grantmakers and research areas, providing an industry analysis, and discussing challenges and insights shared by top philanthropic leaders in the field.

Read the whitepaper, “Giving for Neuroscience Research,” here.

Read an article highlighting top insights from the whitepaper, “What We Learned from a Deep Dive into Neuroscience Research Giving,” here.

*Note: an Inside Philanthropy subscription is required to access the whitepaper and article. 

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