McKnight Vice Chair Invited Editorial

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In this invited editorial, McKnight Brain Research Foundation Vice Chair, Dr. Madhav Thambisetty, responds to a JAMA Open Network article by Drs. Koch, DeKosky and Goodman reporting on the impact data analyzing High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) from the Ginko Evaluation of Memory Study (GEMS) has on memory and dementia.

“There may also be important clinical translational implications for the findings by Koch and colleagues. As multiple clinical trials have demonstrated the limitations of increasing plasma HDL levels as a therapeutic strategy against coronary artery disease, the potential clinical utility of targeting HDL-associated lipoproteins such as apoC3 has received increasing attention.8 These approaches may also be relevant to developing novel disease-modifying treatments for AD including apoE-based therapeutics targeting the complex interactions of these pleiotropic lipid mediators.”

Dr. Madhav Thambisetty, MBRF Vice Chair

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