New Gerontological Society of America Momentum Podcast Features McKnight Brain Research Foundation Executive Director and Trustee

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With the growing hope and expectation that it’s possible to maintain cognitive health later in life, Angelika Schlanger, PhD, Executive Director of the McKnight Brain Research Foundation and Allison Brashear, MD, MBA, a McKnight Brain Research Foundation Trustee, Vice President for Health Sciences and Dean of the Jacobs School at the University at Buffalo, were recently featured on the Gerontological Society of America’s (GSA) Momentum Discussions podcast. Hosted by Jennifer Pettis, MS, RN, CNE, Director of Strategic Alliances for GSA, the podcast series stimulates dialogue on trends with great momentum to advance the field of gerontology.

In the podcast discussion, Dr. Schlanger and Dr. Brashear offered insights into brain health, cognitive health and cognitive aging. They also discussed how normal cognitive aging differs from changes in cognitive function due to dementia and offered tips on the steps individuals can take to promote their brain health at any age.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

Download the podcast transcript here.

Also, as part of our partnership with GSA, in July our Healthy Aging tip sheet and Cognitive Aging Explained and Keeping Your Brain Healthy brochures were added to the GSA KAER Toolkit for Primary Care Teams – Supporting Conversations about Brain Health, Timely Detection of Cognitive Impairment and Accurate Diagnosis of Dementia (pages 11-12). 

We’re excited to be included in this free toolkit offered by GSA to support primary care teams in implementing a comprehensive approach to kickstarting conversations with patients about brain health to help detect and diagnose dementia and provide patients with community-based support. The toolkit includes practical approaches, educational resources and validated clinical tools primary care teams can integrate into their workflow.

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