Research Partnership in Cognitive Aging

Public-private effort between the McKnight Brain Research Foundation
and the National Institute on Aging. Coordinated by the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health

About the Partnership

The Research Partnership in Cognitive Aging aimed to support current and emerging research on age-related changes in the brain influencing cognition and memory loss associated with normal aging. Launched in 2009, the partnership funded 17 research grants with a total of $28 million over five years. The research aimed to improve our understanding of how people think, learn and remember with age, and develop interventions to maintain cognitive health as people grow older.

We recently renewed this longstanding research partnership with the NIA through the Foundation for NIH for a third five-year cycle. Learn more about the new grant opportunity titled “Network for Identification, Evaluation and Tracking of Older Persons with Superior Cognitive Performance for their Chronological Agehere.

Launched in 2009

Funded 17 research grants

Funded $28 million in grants

Recent Research

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